we made it back to our tent safely, a surreal 19-hour day and only a few jelly babies left in our pockets. We apologise for this inconvenience, British Isles Challenges, Collections and Activities, North East England, Yorkshire Dales and Pennines, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, Pyrenees and France/Spain cross-border routes, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, International Challenges, Collections and Activities. Strategy, gear, training, navigation and logistics are covered, and 10 classic scrambles are described. Realistic and never underestimating the ridge and a true reflection of the climbing grades for some of the rock climbs. By the time we reached Sgurr Alasdair we were mostly out of the cloud. 9 Jun . Adrian suggests that the Cuillin Ridge attempts can be divided into CREST (Cuillin Ridge Expedition Style Traverse) or TRIAD (The Ridge In A Day). Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse is written for the more general mountaineer. By this point, we had been on the ridge for just under 10 and a half hours and so as to not descend in darkness we decided to avoid Naismith’s route and Bhasteir Tooth, and instead took the Northern bypass and then summited Am Basteir by its eastern ridge via the surprisingly tricky Bad Step. The first book contains an overview of what a traverse of the Cuillin Ridge of Skye entails, and provides advice on strategies to achieving a successful outcome to excursions on to the ridge, whether to complete a full traverse (summer or winter) or to the exploration of sections of the ridge, or via ten classic scrambles associated with the ridge. Having just finished writing a guidebook, Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse, for Cicerone Press, which required a lot of photos, I thought I’d write down a few thoughts based on the most frequent questions I am asked about my photography. It was at the bottom of the third of the four tops of Sgurr a’ Mhadaidh that I stopped for a wobble. Looking at the map, it’s relatively near the end of the route, but it wasn’t until Am Basteir that it felt like it was going to be possible to succeed. On a sunny winter’s day the ridge definitely looks alpine. Free 1st Class postage on UK orders. Written by Skye-based guide Adrian Trendall, Cicerone's new guidebook to the Cuillin Ridge Traverse documents this classic mountaineering adventure to an impressive level of detail, says Dan Bailey. All in all the Cicerone Isle of Skye guide is a well research and written guide that is a perfect companion for your trip and collection. Too many stories of it being a sufferfest, miles of trudging through snow, intricate route-finding and short hours of daylight were enough to put me off. Adrian and his wife, Bridgette, live at the foot of the Cuillin and feel they are living their dream life. The Cuillin ridge traverse is simply the best mountaineering route for shredding your footwear in the country! To do the ridge in a day adds a certain pressure that things run smoothly and in good weather conditions. A full traverse of the Cuillin ridge involves an overnight bivouac. Trade Information. Seeds of doubt were now creeping in as to whether this was actually the perfect clear day the weather forecast had predicted. Much of the ridge is narrow and exposed. This two-volume guidebook provides detailed coverage of the iconic Cuillin Ridge, a 12km traverse on the Isle of Skye. 14 Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse Preparation and training 15 Become slick Part of the US Navy SEALs’ mantra is ‘slow is smooth, smooth is fast’, and this is what you need to aim towards. In addition, Adrian has become the author of a new book, Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse, published by Cicerone earlier this year. Its an amazing challenge for lovers of narrow ridges, massive exposure and exciting climbs. This was the most sustained scrambling and easy climbing with such exposure and consequences I had ever experienced, and the less than perfect conditions harboured a constant worry that we wouldn’t have enough time to complete the ridge in daylight. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, we'll give you a full refund. I felt strangely relieved by the presence of others and reassured that we weren’t the only ones on the ridge. Due to the weather, we bypassed the imposing ridge of An Stac direct. It had turned out my rehydrated meal the night before - three years past its use-by date - really hadn’t agreed with my stomach. Browse and purchase our full range of guidebooks in our downloadable Catalogue. We popped onto the ridge and into the cloud with a reduced ability to see the view and a deep sense of deja vu. This 2-volume set provides all the information required to complete the main ridge traverse on Skye's Black Cuillin. We decided to escape down The Great Stone Chute. The guide Skyes’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse comprises two separate parts; two books. However, not long after the clouds parted, it started to hail, complicating the descent of Sgurr Thearlaich before Collie’s Ledge where hands on rock were needed to navigate the slippy slabs, and I cursed myself for not putting mountaineering gloves in my pack. After a last minute decision to not fly to Geneva as planned for two weeks of alpine fun, and after realising getting last minute accommodation anywhere in the UK in August was not going to happen, we packed our car and drove to north west Scotland for some classic mountain walking, wild camping and overpriced Airbnb-ing. Cicerone Press W ritten by Skye-based guide Adrian Trendall, Cicerone's new guidebook to Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse documents this classic mountaineering adventure to an impressive level of detail. You'll need a good combination of fitness and scrambling ability to complete two demanding days and an overnight bivouac on the ridge. The Cuillin Ridge. This two-volume guidebook provides detailed coverage of the iconic Cuillin Ridge, a 12km traverse on the Isle of Skye. Scrambling Cuillin Traverse: Taking the Easier Route . Despite living and working on Skye as a mountain guide and photographer, the winter ridge traverse had never really appealed to me. He sheds light on many of the most frequently made mistakes and suggests dozens of practical solutions. Skye's Cuillin Ridge Traverse . This takes approximately 9-15 hours to complete in ideal weather conditions. Adrian is a mountain guide and photographer living on Skye. There is no question that if I had read Adrian Trendall’s superb guidebook Skye’s Cuillin Ridge Traverse, I would have been far better prepared first time around.

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