Whenever I create a shortcut in Windows 10 that points to a web address it becomes a .url file that can only open in Internet Explorer. Previously, it supported an x-callback-url of googlechrome-x-callback://. internal to Google Chrome). This allowed the calling app to indicate its name and URI scheme to Chrome, which would show a back button in the address bar that closes the tab and invokes the specified URI. so somehow its not passing the parameter correctly to chrome. Here are the three steps you need to follow to figure out the full file download URL in Google Chrome: Start a file download normally from Chrome and you will see the progress in the bottom of the browser. Google Chrome is a wonderful browser offering many hidden features like omnibox search, auto translate bar, video play controls and much more. 8. chrome://chrome-urls – This URL lists all the Chrome URLs. Well, I can drag it into chrome, and then it will open, but it's stupid that I have to do that. Chrome: How to Get Full File Download URLs or Link. Chrome also offers URL commands which can be directly entered in the address bar like a website address in the format chrome://command.These commands are very powerful and can be used as a shortcut to access the features quickly. Claiming that you can link to a chrome:// URL from a webpage based on there being links from a Chrome internal page is erroneous and a flawed comparison. I have no right click option for url files to open with, so I tried creating a new one with a shortcut. chrome://about/ is already a URL using the chrome:// scheme (i.e. January 9, 2016. For Chrome/Chromium: The extension Enable local file links will cause the browser to work with the local links (file:///) as if they are 'normal' links. You have the option to individually update the components. 9. chrome://components – All the Chrome components are listed at this URL. The URL opens in Chrome Browser – but – only if a Chrome Browser instance is already running on my computer. testing on my PC, a file:// link to a local image file will open it in the browser. If I close the Chrome Browser process, clicking on the link brings up the alerts/pop ups but then Chrome Briwser does not open up. Used this extension to open a bunch of links on pastebin, which was helpful. The day after I added the extension I was doing my MOOC at courses.edx and because some time had passed I didn't figure out right away it was this extension causing the corruption of the css code. But it will screw some websites with embedded content. No Joe's link is correct and that opens chrome. Link to Text Fragment is a new Chrome Extension from Google that lets you generate URLs to specific text on a webpage, regardless of the page’s … However, a link to a spreadsheet simply downloads the file and makes it available in the chrome downloads folder, rather than opening it up in Excel. So in Outlook I click on a link that is LFChrome://www.google.com and it works, except it doesn't go the the url it just opens a new chrome window. The extension Local Filesystem Links will open these links (file:///) into the default File Explorer - in my case it is Nautilus.

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