So for example, art appreciation is a dual credit course, but it’s not an AP class, so it gets a 1.15 multiplier and that the same is true for the business dual credit courses; anything that’s not an AP, but dual credit get a 1.15,” Tarbox said. If you enjoy what you are doing and can handle the workload, “it can be very enjoyable and rewarding to learn,” Parimi said. And, taking an honors course over an AP is not in any way “a step down,” and it certainly does not mean you will not get accepted into the most prestigious universities. This is her third year as a staff member for the Johnson newspaper and her first year as the arts editor. I know a passing grade in a regular class is better than a failing grade in an AP class, but it just doesn’t go through my brain. Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses allow one to learn at a higher level, but it sometimes comes with the cost of late night studying, hours spent on homework, intense stress and less time with friends. The final word I’ll leave you with is this: you never know until you try it. When asked about his motivation, he said that he “took them because [he] wanted to learn more and challenge [himself].” He went on to say that these classes “provided a nice GPA boost and looks good for colleges.”. 4. But, I, as well as others, are here to tell you that APs are not all that scary in the end. The best - and the worst - Christmas movies according to students, Student trainers manage new protocols to avoid COVID, Campus relying on technology to help keep virus at bay, Our yearbook sales link is here - and books are $75 for a limited time, We want to hear from our working students, Volunteer opportunities in San Antonio around Christmas, even with COVID, How artists are using social media to promote their drawings, Deaf etiquette – respecting deaf culture and being inclusive, Managing the history behind an infamous name, How essential workers during the early pandemic faced the sudden rush of customers, Spina Bifida hosts fashion show for kids with disabilities, The best – and the worst – Christmas movies according to students, Worth it? AP courses can offer rigorous training for college, but taking too many can be stressful for students. But, I feel like if I drop those classes and I stop doing those AP classes, it’s going to hurt my GPA. Sravan Parimi is a senior at Ludlowe who has taken over eight, yes eight, APs throughout his high school career, so if there is anyone to ask for advice on this topic, it would be him. The College Board states that AP classes aid high schoolers in “achieving their college dreams” by allowing them to stand out on their college applications, earn credits, and gain the skills necessary for students to succeed in their college careers. “The eligibility waivers, I believe, [the students will] find out about thought the main office. I take all honors classes (excluding electives) and I'll be taking all honors classes next year. Your email address will not be published. A2A: Are all those honor and AP classes in high school really worth the hard work and stress in college? Teachers have “a good read” on what kids can handle, so do not be afraid to visit one and ask questions. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This can be a difficult process, as students are engulfed with their current studies and have little time to research; this is especially true for those looking to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Lauryn Hughes is a senior. As an underclassman, I would probably be thinking to myself “screw my enjoyment, I am trying to get into college.”  But, taking these AP courses does not mean anything if you do not do well in them. Unlike AP classes, the multiplier is less for Dual Credit classes and of course non-existent for regular classes. The other exception that we see sometimes is students that move here, and maybe they are native spanish speakers, so they may not be in AP spanish language, but they can take the AP spanish exam to see if they could earn credit. Chris is an Op-Ed/Features writer in his first year with The Prospect staff. 1. It gives you an edge in college applications. Skip to Main Content. Dr. Shannon Suldo (L) and Dr. Elizabeth Shaunessy-Dedrick (R) Students taking accelerated coursework such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes and the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program face … But, he reaffirmed the fact that choosing an AP is “dependent on each person and based on the specific AP class, since different students are at different levels and different AP classes require different abilities and responsibilities.”. “AP classes are definitely stressful due to tremendous amount of studying and work. If anything, AP classes helped me lessen my liberal education requirements which lets me add on a minor and take a few fun, random classes along the way. “But, AP english, AP U.S. history, or math maybe-that’s not going to help me, I’m not interested in that.”, AP classesbalancing coursesCourtney TarboxEmma RamirezgradesLauryn HughesRegular classesstress. So the ranks and multiplier system set up now shows that if a student is in an AP course it will get a 1.29 multiplier,” Tarbox said. “I think AP classes are so worthwhile, I just think that somehow stress needs to be alleviated because most of us put our academics and education before our mental health and you can feel how sad and how tired everyone is, but I feel like AP classes are helping me learn a lot about myself and I’m growing as a student.” ~Ellie Nguyen Sometimes, depending on your score, you can get college credit. “My regular english class is like a breath of fresh air, but it’s so easy that I feel like I’m just sleeping through the class. Poole added onto this sentiment by saying students should take something that is going to be “relevant to what you do or are thinking about doing in college.”  Students should “make sure they are taking the class for the right reasons,” and it “should definitely, Trump Supporters Infiltrate Capitol Building: For Live Updates, Click Here. to take an AP just because colleges “like it.”  Not only will you be miserable, but doing so may not even increase your chances of acceptance into a particular school. She loves to write and has been a ballet dancer for 14 years. While he also deals with the personal problems of students, he is mainly tasked with reviewing students’ course selection sheets, recommending classes to take, and guiding students through the college process. And it becomes less stressful throughout the year as you adapt to the workload.” So, even though APs may look “good,” you need to make sure that you actually like what you are learning. Waivers can be obtained for AP classes, but only when UIL activities are compromised by lower grades. Like Meghna's experience with AP's, staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. every night to keep up the load of four AP classes seemed like the norm to stay up to par with classmates and class curriculum. “AP courses offer those benefits of more rigorous course content. A big misunderstanding is that taking an AP will automatically put you in that more selective pile; but, in the words of Mr. Sutcliffe, colleges want to see you “do well in them.”  If the subject area is not of any interest to you and you are simply trying to pile on APs, you will again be miserable and will most likely underperform. The only time a Dual Credit course gets a multiplier that’s different is if its’ non-AP class. At the same time, I knew that these classes were what the best colleges were looking for students to take, so I partly based my decisions off of that motivation. Luckily for you, I am doing the research and, as a student who has taken multiple APs throughout high school, I hope I can offer some guidance. “It’s definitely stressed me out more than its benefited me so far. AP classes can help you in many ways. Regardless of what grade you are in, taking college courses at such a young age is certainly daunting and stress-inducing; the fact that you are already stressing over a course you have yet to take or even sign up for is most definitely discouraging. “ For me, the stress … I firmly believe your performance in a class is based on your interest in the subject. On the one hand, I knew I wanted to challenge myself by utilizing the vast amount of courses and rigorous curriculum that Ludlowe provides. Are they worth the extra work and stress? They hear that AP classes are extremely difficult, and perhaps feel that they are not smart enough to take them. He recognized his interests and decided to act upon them; the fact that this all coincided with a fairly impressive resume for colleges is just icing on the cake. Every day, I'd walk to classes barely awake: too worried about falling asleep in class and missing something important yet too sleepy to focus and learn the material the first time around. “An AP course that’s an AP, dual credit just gets the AP 1.29 multiplier. I first decided to get a student perspective on the issue. Taking regular classes can relieve some stress for students, but fighting through an advanced course can have its benefits. The idea is that it’s helping to really prepare you for college, and there’s also the added benefit of if you do well on the AP exam, you can earn college credit. “It’s a lot of pressure, to be honest,” said Keller. I'm a junior and my classes are AP Psychology AP Spanish 3 AP English 3 Chemistry Honors Precal Honors Academy Class ROP (Feels like AP class) I get so stressed out from doing my best for this schedule but it isn't enough. What are you going to do over winter break? I usually sleep at around 1-3 AM (sometimes 5AM), so I never get enough sleep. Personally, I began taking APs in my junior year, but I know many people who started as just sophomores. Well, yes and no (that’s not very helpful, right?) When asked about what he tells students when they wish to take an AP course, he said he asks kids if they “are up for the challenge” and if “the subject area is a passion of yours.”  He went onto say that “colleges want to see that you are taking classes that are appropriate for you.”, I received a similar response from Katie Poole, a math teacher who teaches AP Calculus. “It’s definitely stressed me out more than its benefited me so far. Your Teen blogger wonders whether AP courses are worth it. It increases your GPA, help you out with college in the future, and improves your knowledge in that certain subject. Every class of mine have something important. Almost all schools will bump up your grade point average at least half a point for taking an AP class. But 10 tests and $750 later, I can say this for certain: none of them applied to us. Sometimes students ease up on the amount of AP courses they are taking, so they can have an easier class to buffer their stress. What are AP classes? Many of the classes were really fun and I’ve learned so much. I'm starting to think that not taking AP Us History was a mistake, but during course selections I felt like I wouldn't be able to handle the stress of 4 honors and and AP class, considering that I'm easily stressed out (even over stupid things). AP classes are considered college-level courses. Well, Parimi probably seems crazy at this point for taking so many APs. “With UIL eligibility, they give a list of advanced courses-which are usually the Pre-AP and AP courses-and if a student is not passing with a 70 or higher at the grade checkpoint, they can turn in a waiver to have that grade, for eligibility purposes, accepted, because it’s an advanced high course,” Tarbox said.

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