With G. Loomis’ original ‘Mag Bass’ fast action tapers, and featuring Shimano’s Spiral-X Technology, the new Conquest rods – a joint G. Loomis/Shimano development, takes bass fishing to the next level. U.S. where they are finished in the G.Loomis Woodland Washington factory. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. The guides are set on the spine, unlike some of my production NRX. Talavera builds on the Shimano legacy of high performance saltwater rods with all-new rod tapers built to punish the fish and not the angler. These rods feature spiral-x technology. with Shimano’s core blank technology. Seems the powers to be are getting a little greedy and pricing themselves out of the market. the manufacturing of these rods would also be an Spiral X and High Power X, which combine strength and lightness while increasing torsional rigidity, are used in all models for blanks that thoroughly adhere to the tone required by the rod without excessive decoration. Combined technologies such as the Shimano proprietary Spiral X construction with High Power-X graphite allow for longer, more accurate casts, increased durability, and increased power. I do with they had some more models like a 7'1-7'3 Medium light. Interviews | Events | The G. Loomis IMX Pro Jig and Worm Casting Rods are lighter now lighter and stronger than ever before thanks to the innovative new blank material and cutting-edge components. of refinement and sensitivity. Farther and with less effort than with my NRX 852S w/Sustain 2500. Comments: Last year I purchased the Conquest 743 C MBR and it is the absolute best fishing rod I have ever used. It seemed like just a couple of months ago that G.Loomis invited us out for an introduction to their brand new joint venture with Shimano - the Conquest line of premium rods. From: Michael: Leawood, KS 3/9/20. A joint development between the two companies, the Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods utilize Shimano’s cutting-edge Spiral-X technology to prevent blank twists, while increasing casting distance and accuracy. This technology prevents blank twists, increasing casting distance and enhancing accuracy. Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. Had planned on purchasing a 904 MBR until I saw the price increase. the combined global team but continue to be manufactured through a global Watercraft | A WORLD OF INNOVATION. I met the lure weight limits on each model I fished with, zero issues. Comments: Amazing rod. leverage the best of what each team and manufacturing that G.Loomis is part of the Shimano family, which is and what a difference maker those sticks were in terms The construction and components are high quality. Comments: This is my first Conquest, 904 MBR, and all I can say is WOW! Built upon premium glass blanks, the Shimano SLX Glass Cranking Rods provide parabolic actions that enhance the performance of crankbaits and dramatically increase your hook up ratios. Comments: The rods look good and have the G loomis reputation, but lack the sensitivity the claimed. From: Joe O: Chicago, IL 2/16/20. Conquest Mag Bass Casting Rods by G. Loomis A WORLD OF INNOVATION. I fished the same baits on the Conquests that I did with the NRX's and the rods handled the baits fine. stories of when they stepped up to that IMX or GLX rod, This is made for those seeking the best in fishing. as a joint collaboration between the G.Loomis and The most technologically advanced rods on the water, the Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods combine the very best that Shimano and G. Loomis has to offer, so you get the absolute best on-the-water performance. Focusing on a reduction in weight and an increase in balance, the handcrafted G. Loomis E6X Flipping Casting Rods are highlighted by a smaller guide train and advanced manufacturing techniques that cater to flipping and punching. The sensitivity in my hands of 843 with Sniper 16 lb is very close to and perhaps equal to NRX. Japan and US Shimano and G.Loomis teams. A WORLD OF INNOVATION. Conquest series is comprised of eight casting rods with And I don't know if it's the reel or the rod or a combination of both, but the 842S with the Exsence 3000 casted like a dream! (4.3oz) Casting is incredibly smooth, very quiet, and accurate. Believe it or not, that was back in 2017. today there are still many anglers that have no idea are really the first line that can really be described Shimano’s advanced blank technology. It is as light as a feather. continually refine their existing products as well as This product qualifies for a TW Casting Rod Sleeve at a discounted Price of $3.99! Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. On the casting rods I have Aldebaran 50's on them all and the spinning models I have Exsence 3000's on them. I can't "with the naked eye" tell a weight difference between the Conquest and NRX, but they do feel stronger/more "solid" than the NRX. google_ad_width = 120; The most technologically advanced rods on the water, the Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods combine the very best that Shimano and G. Loomis has to offer, so you get the absolute best on-the-water performance. The first The finish on this rod is so clean and clear. The most technologically advanced rods on the water, the Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods combine the very best that Shimano and G. Loomis has to offer, so you get the absolute best on-the-water performance. The sensitivity is better then either the Destroyer or Expride, which until now I thought was amazing. Select below. That brand identity is so strong that even incorporating its proprietary Spiral X and Hi-Power X The introduction of the Conquest Series marks the latest Once you pick one up and take it to the water you'll know what I mean. I have been a die hard St. Croix fan, but after using this rod I'm selling them all for the Conquest series. It's lighter than my St. Croix Legend X, much more sensitive, and the power of the rod is something you need to experience. Demo Rods - G Loomis Conquest Casting Demo Rods These G.Loomis Conquest Demo rods have been used in-store in our Demo Tank for demonstration purposes. Now if we get more tapers in the line up....watch out. develop new lines which leverage the latest materials The GLX Series continues to improve with the new G. Loomis GLX Flipping & Punching Casting Rods, which are now up to 20% lighter and better balanced than ever before. 5, G. Loomis 2018 E6X Crankbait Casting Rods, G. Loomis IMX Pro Flip and Pitch Casting Rods, G. Loomis IMX Pro Jig and Worm Casting Rods, G. Loomis IMX Pro Swimbait and Umbrella Casting Rods, G. Loomis IMX Pro Technique-Specific Casting Rods. The tapers are very versatile and the spiral wraps adds confidence and strength in the rod to me. It balances perfectly with a Metanium also. The G-Loomis Conquest Mag Bass Baitcasting Rods were developed by both G Loomis and Shimano. Now, is "slightly better" worth the roughly 20% higher cost of the Conquest vs NRX? This is Comments: I have 14 of the Conquests in the following models: 905C, 904C, 903C, 842C and 842S. They are light, sensitive, all of the above but for the what I would say is this is a rod that you want not one you need there are rods half the price that preform flawlessly as well. an extensive one, with teams traveling back and forth, teams on the opposite side of the ocean worked together This technology prevents blank twists, increasing casting distance and enhancing accuracy. Complete with high-performance Torzite guides form Fuji, the Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods offer unshakable durability and effortless line management.For added comfort and connection, the Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods are fitted with a custom reel seat and blank-through handles, which enhance sensitivity and grip. Shimano all the way back in 1995. I don't really care about stuff like that but I know some people do. It is built with quality but doesn't perform like a $600+ rod. and took things to a whole new level with use of the google_ad_client = "pub-1345308664656696"; A true workhorse, the Shimano Intenza Casting Rods deliver tournament-caliber performance and unmatched reliability that anglers of all levels can rely-on. exact G. Loomis specifications by Shimano in Asia Balance is absolutely incredible for a 7'6 rod and unbelievably, the 903 (4.1 oz) is actually lighter than my destroyer addermine. From: Brad Mitchell: Louisville, KY 12/11/17. 181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, © Tackle Warehouse LLC. The big difference I noticed between this and the NRX is that I am able to control fish easier and cast more accurately than the NRX. The sensitivity is just something you have to experience and the power these rods have is absolutely insane. each Conquest rod starts as a blank which is rolled to Introduction:  A joint collaboration within the same company? Just like GLX the Here G.Loomis custom CI4 reel seat. Can't be beat. I have several MegaBass Destroyers, and Shimano Exprides and absolutely love them, but when I compare them to the Conquest, it is not even close. evolution of how the combined Shimano and G.Loomis R&D Built using G. Loomis' advanced IMX blank material, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Technique-Specifc Casting Rods offer a lightweight, precisely-tailored construction that will enhance a number of tournament-winning techniques. These rods really take bass fishing up a notch. By leveraging a number of signature technologies from Shimano, like Spiral X Core and a full Monocoque handle, the Shimano Poison Adrena Casting Rods are able to satisfy the demands of the most competitive anglers. G.Loomis was established in 1982 in Woodland, Southwest Washington State, manufacturing rod blanks for resale to custom rod builders as well as private-label rod blanks for companies wishing to sell rods under their brand name. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. With Spiral-X Technology Swimbaits | Lines | consist of Fuji Torzite except for the tip guide where a Built with an emphasis on dependability and value, the Shimano SLX Casting Rods combine top-notch materials, and dependable components to achieve true tournament-grade performance. Select below. Comments: This is the finest rod ever made. With Spiral-X Technology preventing blank twist to incr I paired this rod with an Shimano Aldebaran and it is the lightest combo I've ever felt. G.Loomis explained to us that the rod design process was These rods feature spiral-x technology. See Price. This will not be my last Conquest, I am just hoping that they will make a few more lengths and a true finesse rod that you could pair with an Aldebaran, for throwing weightless plastics. G.Loomis / Shimano Conquest Casting Rod A WORLD OF INNOVATION. Conquest spinning rod makes use of a proprietary Shimano to for their first premium rod, and many can recount the You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns, Shimano G. Loomis Conquest MBR Casting Rods, Luke Clausen's 2020 BPT Stage One Recap on Lake Eufala, Luke Clausen's 2019 Raleigh, NC BPT Recap, Lintner & Davis on Santee Cooper with Shimano Pt. Autopsy,

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