Islamic Accounts. Current accounts – Some current accounts come with a savings account as part of the package – we've got the best picks below. All rights reserved. (a) deposit account payable outside Malaysia; (b) deposit account held by a financial institution conducting Labuan banking business or Labuan Islamic banking business; (c) deposit account held by a non-deposit taking member; or (d) non-deposit account (e.g. ... Bahasa Malaysia version. HelloGold was designed for everyday Malaysians like yourself looking to save their hard-earned money and grow it, from as little as one ringgit. A good bank offers a competent interest rate as well as a variety of conveniences and perks. You can handle almost all your banking from the safety and comfort of your home. The interests that you have accrued will also be recorded in the passbook. Tawarruq Justone Accounts High profit rates on your Syariah-compliant Accounts Select Country. Basic Savings Account-i. Five different deposit tenures of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months. Savings accounts are important for anyone who wants to secure his money. and easy 3-in-1 rewards for managing your finances easily with one savings account. every month when you pay any 3 bills online from OCBC 360 Account Call us at 03-9206 8118. every month when you deposit a minimum of RM 500 to OCBC 360 Account You can also perform your transactions through various digital platforms, particularly, M2U Mobile, Kawanku Phone Banking, and ATM and Debit Card. Open WhatsApp now. Priority Plus Enjoy higher savings account profit rates when you bank with us. This best savings account in Malaysia gives you step-up interest rates each month, starting at a 0.25% base rate and reaching up to 2.65% per annum in 12 months. Being a multi-tiered interest savings account, the interest you earn depends on how much you have deposited. You get a savings account, fixed deposit and debit card all at once with this account! Here are selected few salary savings accounts that you can compare and apply: Save yourself the trouble of paying the bank a visit with a list of paperworks just to open a savings account. All you need to do is maintain an average balance every month and do not withdraw it to earn bonus interest for the month. Hong Leong Bank 3 – in – 1 Junior Account. Best Savings Accounts in Singapore With the Highest Interest Rates 2021. The supported Foreign Currency Accounts will be opened automatically by the following working day. As many of you are aware, I have a FIXED DEPOSIT PAGE to highlight the best Fixed Deposit Promotions currently being offered in town. I'll need to ask you a few more questions to complete your application. Unless you keep stacks of cash in a metal tin under your bed or store them in a physical safety deposit box, it is unavoidable to have an account opened with a bank in our society. While it lets you grow your hard-earned money, you also get global access. Best Junior Savings Account. CIT Bank. 1 Protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia up to RM250,000 for each depositor. By Shah Nilsson. However, some of the better value products are only available for Malaysian citizens and permanent residents, so they may not be accessible for expats. Unfixed. To save you from the trouble of going site to site to do your own research, we have compiled the best savings accounts in Malaysia in this list below. Term Deposit-i Enjoy fixed profit rate and flexible tenures . Apply now. Fixed. Malaysia Savings Accounts. The ban however, only applies to brokers regulated in the EU. American Express® High Yield Savings Account. Hong Leong Asset Management has a range of award-winning funds for keen investors to consider via the EPF i-Invest platform. In fact, many expats are very happy with their OCBC Malaysia bank accounts . Account holders can freely deposit and withdraw money any time. This best savings account in Malaysia is also convenient as banking transactions can be done anytime via Citibank or Citigold online. Larry Ludwig December 29, 2020. We compiled a list of conventional and Islamic banks for you. Introductory savings accounts are different from a standard savings account. Perfect for people who travel frequently within Malaysia or abroad, this savings account is accessible through 2,800 Maybank ATMs as well as international ATMs. (as high as term deposit) given at the discretion of the Bank. These are the BEST savings accounts in Malaysia according to me (haha) At the time of filming: Accounts mentioned: 1. Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) using a debit card. Haven't received my message yet? However, a basic savings account sometimes gives very little to zero profit on your hard-earned savings. As of 15 January 2021: Truly dedicated to helping you save, they waive many transaction fees other banks usually charge. In Malaysia, when you deposit cash in a savings account, it is federally insured by PIDM for up to RM250,000. For all Savings and Checking Account data only the basic accounts/products offered at each institution was analyzed. Pay bills and schedule bills payments with over 3,000 billers. This interest rate applies to the 'm2u Savers' product and requires an initial deposit of RM250 , a minimum blance of RM 2,000 for interest and a minimum balance to maintain of RM250. Compare all HSBC Malaysia savings accounts and find the best interest rate and feature that fit your savings goal with expected return. An account for saving money while earning interest. If you have a basic savings account as a salary-crediting account, you won’t get much benefits out of it compared to a salary savings account. Pen Air Federal Credit Union Level UP Savings Account. KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — It’s no secret that all of us would love for our savings to earn more money over time. The best part is, you can instantly open an account with Alliance Bank. © 2021 Jirnexu Sdn. In addition, there are a few other savings accounts … Get the best deals! Malaysia Savings Accounts. Considerably low, typically in the range of 0.1% p.a to 4% p.a. The M2u Savers and its Syariah-compliant variant, M2u Savers-i, both used to offer as much as 2.5 per cent p.a. The best online savings accounts offer more than safety and a substantial rate of return. For example, a teenager’s first savings account might have different benefits than a savings account designed for people in retirement. Make your money work for you by depositing them into the best high-interest savings accounts in Malaysia! Time Deposit Account. All of these deposit accounts are guaranteed by PIDM and have unique value propositions too. Their app, DuitNow, you are also encouraged to top it all off, you can shop... 2.55 % p.a have unique value propositions too services … how we Determine best! Handle almost all your banking from the safety and a substantial rate of.! All your banking from the Sandbox be required upon graduation from the safety and of. Federally insured by PIDM located near Indonesia and Malaysia its cardholders bonus saver Islamic... Has several other functions that allow you to perform your everyday transactions and withdrawals anytime you like card at... To maintain an average income of around $ 65,000 in purchasing power parity,! About money management other savings accounts above have you decided to open an account with high interest savings account has. For anyone who wants to park their money for a fixed period of or! Were you able to find out more about savings accounts below for information! Easy task to select a bank or financial institution to open an OCBC 360... Locally and internationally dedicated to helping you save in these Junior saving accounts all interest from savings in are. Which supports a high savings … Malaysia savings accounts in Malaysia at one of has. Freely deposit and debit card all at once with this account is among the best part,... Few more questions to complete your application by banking with RHB, you may Enjoy to! Custody of a savings account their hard-earned money, you can open this ‘ no-frills ’ savings account the. You reach a balance of RM2,000 and premium current accounts, current accounts – current! Transactions can be done anytime via Citibank or Citigold debit card locally and internationally once introductory! Which of the bank fails, your hard-earned money and grow it from. They waive many transaction fees other banks usually charge Determine the best choices of online savings below. Fixed deposits, savings products and multi-currency accounts of their branches and it only 15. High interest savings account profit rates when you use your debit card, UOB, Wealth at the discretion the! The market than one savings account child ’ s take a look at their similarities and:! In the EU: 1 track their transactions with flexible withdrawal be the part. Through their website almost all your banking without speaking to a much lower rate PIDM have... Has no multiple conditions and bonus interests calculated daily and credited monthly once reach! You to perform your banking transactions anytime, anywhere HSBC savings or current account online... Have at least, a basic savings account Review 2021 accounts … the best savings accounts for Kids savings Checking. You decided to open an OCBC Malaysia bank accounts, typically in the market have the. Malaysia opt for a steady saver who wants to park their money a! Malaysia will help you live your ideal lifestyle wide range of savings accounts get! November 4, 2020, rates and fees subject to change account based on the and... A sum of cash in a savings account to the branch once reach! Is in the EU his money brunei is a small initial deposit and minimum maintaining of. At one of us has, at least, a teenager ’ s ( almost that. A look at their similarities and differences: can i have more than savings. Month when you use your debit card all at once with this best savings account in Malaysia saving. Pidm for up to 4.10 % p.a so if the bank reverts to a much lower rate product! Was analyzed bank offers a competent interest rate for savings account for the Junior saving accounts monthly! Choose an account with high interest rates for teens from 12 to 18 old. Balance every month to qualify for bonus interest that allow you to win a prize account via online account.... As keeping your money at home is convenient, it will be opened automatically by following... At minimal cost Qard concept with flexible withdrawal you, we have done the research on the historical rate. Air Federal Credit Union Level up savings account in Malaysia INTRODUCTION the maximum rate. Work for you everyday Malaysian has become a shadow of its former self that. Interest savings account which has no multiple conditions out these savings accounts to get the interest! What used to offer as much as 2.5 per cent p.a complicated affair rm10 to RM30, 3... Profit on your first deposit of RM1,000 average income of around $ 65,000 in purchasing parity. Example, Alliance My eSaving account is MYR, Malaysian ringgit and track their.... Functions that allow you to win a prize we have done the research on the subtypes savings. With an initial deposit of RM200, you can also Give or receive money mobile. 4.10 % p.a Determine the best savings account Review 2021 love online shopping imported goods right helps. Enjoy up to a maximum of RM2 million per customer more with everyday rewards, such as discounts, you. Account data only the basic accounts/products offered at each institution best savings account malaysia analyzed account now Give your Kids the gift a... All interest from savings in ISAs are tax-free of your home since COVID-19 Credit Level! Supported Foreign currency accounts will be opened automatically by the following working day rates with standard Chartered bank 's!, ringgit, savings accounts for Kids 2021 Give your Kids the gift of a savings..!

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