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“reset” is the name of a series of post reflecting the journey I’ve been on lately – how everything I thought I believed to be true has been reset over the past few years. Things that seemed so true, may not be. Black and white matters of faith have turned a freeing and compelling shade of gray. It’s worth exploring.

will of god

In the mix of well-intended teachings, traditional churches lean towards if not outright teach some convenient “facts” that simply aren’t true. As an example (in fairness, painted with a large sweeping stroke), issues of “right” and “wrong” or “black” and “white”. There is no grey in the utopian world of the 20-21st century church. Nothing about my own experience with Jesus or reading through the Bible leads me to believe for a moment that this is true.


I can’t say that I’ve been wrestling with prayer – that would be an overstatement. Rather, prayer has always been perplexing to me and continues to be one of my biggest issues and questions. Lately, as others around me have been wrestling with prayer, I’ve been processing through some of the same questions and concerns.


I’ve been done with church for some time in the sense that most of the gatherings of people that I’ve met with on a Sunday morning have been more interested, from my perspective, in enjoying the event that we’ve mistaken called worship (this will be the next post!). We literally say things like “worship was great today” or “I really didn’t get much out of that” as if the goal of what we’re doing is to be altogether pleased at the end of the day by what was done for us.


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