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health care

declaration of dependence

I am a Canadian. I am not anti-american.  You know it’s going to be good when it starts that way. The following thoughts are not anti-american. They are an outsider’s view of a fascinating history with an opinionated leaning. None… Continue Reading →

health care

As a disclaimer, I am not an American citizen – and thus an observer at worst and obnoxious commentator at best. However, If I could vote in this country, I would vote in favor of universal health care every time…. Continue Reading →

what we’ve learned so far

The debate about health care in my experience thus far has had lots of teachable moments a kin to the President’s Beer Summit. I’ve learned a lot: It’s easy to let opinions get drowned out by name calling and insults,… Continue Reading →

human’s rights

Yesterday, I laid out what I thought it meant to be human. At the core of life, if you ask me, are relationships (we should value and be engaged in relationships) and a desire for self-/corporate-actualization and improvement. There are… Continue Reading →

human rights?

Before we can really discuss the higher-level health care issues, we have to determine what are human rights? Perhaps who determines them? Maybe even most essental . . . what does it mean to be human? Yes, I’m aware these… Continue Reading →

human rights

An interesting question for me that has come out the very pervaisive and oft-wayward debate on the affordable health care for all americans legislation that is currently being considered is this: is health care a human right? I’d never given… Continue Reading →

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