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All I Really Need to Know I Forgot on the Internet

As a rule, we generally think of ourselves as nice people. We think of ourselves as being as being above average on friendliness and politeness. By all practical accounts people should like us. Our perspectives are rational and make sense to us; most people see the world from our point of view.

The God Who Did Not Give Us Trump

A god who does not intervene will not come to the rescue if we just pray harder. This god won’t choose between a football game and a cancer patient. But such a god much be just the source of energy that we need to continue fighting like hell.

A Sign from a Child

I also thought about all the things he didn’t say. He didn’t say that she was pretty. He didn’t say that she was too emotional. He didn’t say that she was a member of the second best gender or that she should learn how to keep a house. He didn’t say that he cannot wait until she gets older so that people could objectify her and take advantage of their power over her. He said she was smart.

Any Connection Is Better Than Disconnection

I heard this week that somebody called Michelle Obama an “ape in heels.” This is not the first time something like this has been said and I’m fairly certain that it won’t be the last. I will readily admit that I have an undying love for Michelle Obama and that love probably motivated me to sit and write about this, but know that I would feel the same way about any similarly egregious remarks.

The Myth of Redemptive Discrimination

In hindsight, my road to becoming an ally for my LGBT friends started with frustration. My church friends during college were angry with how prominently the campus LGBT group was featured at campus events. My friends thought that our Christian… Continue Reading →

declaration of dependence

I am a Canadian. I am not anti-american.  You know it’s going to be good when it starts that way. The following thoughts are not anti-american. They are an outsider’s view of a fascinating history with an opinionated leaning. None… Continue Reading →

health care

As a disclaimer, I am not an American citizen – and thus an observer at worst and obnoxious commentator at best. However, If I could vote in this country, I would vote in favor of universal health care every time…. Continue Reading →

war metaphor part i

“This is not language, this is the way people think.”
George Lakoff

There is no way that I possess any authority to say that as a culture we are obsessed with conflict and war and combat. What I have heard, and have seen, and am probably too keenly aware of have colored and/or tainted my thoughts on what I’m about to share. I have a lot of thoughts on this so my plan is to lay some foundation and the dig in with some meat a little later. We’ll see how that goes.


There is perhaps nothing more polarizing than the one dimensional political system that exists in this country.  Every issue on which there is disagreement is disagreed upon to the ultimate degree.  In my last post, I talked about the fact… Continue Reading →

what we’ve learned so far

The debate about health care in my experience thus far has had lots of teachable moments a kin to the President’s Beer Summit. I’ve learned a lot: It’s easy to let opinions get drowned out by name calling and insults,… Continue Reading →

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