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Is it love?

It’s no secret that I have been on a journey of rediscovering what faith might look like in my life. That’s where a lot of my energy comes from these days and so it made sense to start there. I had a few lines bouncing around my head for a couple of weeks now but this lazy Saturday afternoon at home, with just me, my cat, and my dog, seemed like a great time to break out the guitar and play around with some thoughts.

A New Easter Message

The story that we are told about Easter is at the same time graphic, boundless in love, and powerful enough to launch a movement that has persisted for two thousand years. Jesus had a message of love and inclusion. He… Continue Reading →

The Gospel is Too Small

Just like with music, when you compress something as rich as the story of Jesus, you lose so much of the meaning that it becomes a weak and anemic version of its former self. For a lot of people, this story might work. It’s short, pithy, to the point. But it’s a pretty crappy version of the live performance. It feels simple. It’s small and uninspiring.

The Cartoon God

Richard Rohr was the first person I heard say that, “Literal truth is the lowest form of meaning.” It is an incredibly profound lesson and is something that I encourage everyone to incorporate into their own lives….There is a lot more meaning than just what is on the surface. This is why I believe God is a cartoon.

A Faith Worth Deconstructing

Yes, it’s a gamble. It might mean that they’re damned to hell for all eternity. But, it’s a life of unencumbered generosity, of limitless human compassion, and a sense that there is something bigger than all of us – all of us – holding it together. Whatever that is, it’s good and it’s worth trying to connect with.

All I Really Need to Know I Forgot on the Internet

As a rule, we generally think of ourselves as nice people. We think of ourselves as being as being above average on friendliness and politeness. By all practical accounts people should like us. Our perspectives are rational and make sense to us; most people see the world from our point of view.

My Golden Rule

From a faith perspective, I grew up following the Jesus tradition and, in that pursuit, I learned about something called The Golden Rule. You know it: Do to others what you would want them to do to you. And, to be fair, it’s not like Jesus had the market cornered on this – He was just paraphrasing something that came from Judaism hundreds of years before, and they had likely picked it from some other group. As it turns out, there are versions of this idea that surface in just about every major religious practice throughout history, from Confucianism to Native American Spirituality. There might not be a more universal truth.

God Does Not Have a Penis

The way that I view God has changed. Dramatically. It used to be that when I would think about God, I would picture an old man in the sky. This worked out well. I grew up in a small town… Continue Reading →

The God Who Did Not Give Us Trump

A god who does not intervene will not come to the rescue if we just pray harder. This god won’t choose between a football game and a cancer patient. But such a god much be just the source of energy that we need to continue fighting like hell.

The Parable of the Great Forest

A man was walking when he came to the edge of a great forest. The plants were lush and green and the trees towered above his head. The forest itself stretched as far as the man could see in either… Continue Reading →

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