TC, Have you written a rod review with lower price points? Sully: Jonny, We get it already.You're one of those guys who always has to have the last word. Lately I’ve been thinking about finding a lighter dry fly summer rod for trout in the 12-16″ range to round out my collection. I'd love an 8' 4wt but they all seem to drop to 7'6" in 4wt. Sorry old chap, but this read like an industry-standard plug to me. The Pamlico Sound, is known as the fishing gem of North Carolina. It's now been replaced by the new Orvis Superfine Carbon and sits alongside the new Superfine Glass, for those who fancy something even more old school in feel. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING On Orders Of $500! Man, you guys really like a violent slant to your gear reviews... Jonny: Near $500 for a rod that, when all's said and done, doesn't have to do very much? part of a large, interconnected network of lagoon estuaries. He blames his inability to hook trout on the hook. The Glass also works well when drifting small nymphs or dry-dropper rigs (fishing with a dry fly rigged with a small nymph hanging below it) on those same mid-sized waters. to carry to altitude for those times that the wind really blows, which happens often high in the Rockies. . I thoroughly enjoy my glass rods, and the Superfine Glass in particular. I'm not enough of an afficionado to really. But you're right about one thing: I should know better than to engage in tittle tattle about an industry that is, to me, more parasite than friend to the sport of fly fishing. I wanted to clarify; I didn't like the gold color of the reel seat, but I loved the design of the thing. this is my first visit to your website. Casting Distance. I used the 7'6" 3wt on a recent south fork of the Kings River 4 day hiking/fishing trip. You pay 60% of the cost of the rod and then make 4 monthly payments on the balance--no interest. So Dan, ... You say you want a revolution? FULL REVIEW A supple slow-action taper coupled with a firm butt section makes the Superfine Glass a top-notch dry fly tool capable of handling big fish. 2⅛ oz. And finally, the 4th reason you need a 4 weight is a simple one. Free shipping. “Our goal is to make each and every day on the water the best experience possible”. Much of my fishing has been in small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes. I tried one out but ended up going with a Sage Pulse. A terrific deal, my foot. You have my mind working now. Rod tube Backed by our 25-year guarantee Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation. While larger glass rods for saltwater species exist, most anglers think of a 3wt or 4wt fly rod for trout when they hear the word 'fiberglass'. Orvis Superfine Glass Freshwater Fly Rod. Have not chucked big hoppers on that rod, but my other 4wt glass rods manage them quite nicely. But it is not made for this type of fishing so no foul. On a lighter note I would love to see. a nicely conducted review with good photos once again, thank you. I have a 7' 6” 3-4 blank that I'll assemble when fall fishing is done, and give it a try in the spring (mind you just to establish that you're correct). YMMV. I also like the pricetag. That's because I never said this was an affordable fly rod. This 764-3 rod ships with original sock and rod tube. I agree with and appreciate what you have written. (I can certainly see why.) I tend towards slower rods than most, and you have to take any of my recommendations with that in mind. Glad to hear they're working out for you. It can be very tough, but all it takes is one chance at a 25″ brown trout to make you want to come back the next day. NJTB I can't speak to the 8.5' 3 and 4wt or the 8' 4wt versions of the rod, but given the quality of the 9' 5wt (and the $149 price) I'd suggest they're worth a look. Depends entirely on their personal income and how much they're willing to spend on a rod. Its also 7’6″ which hasn’t been an issue for me. Orvis has been selling its own brand of fly lines since 1971. Their top of the line Helios is even uglier. However, I happened to meet a boy on my hike out of a wilderness lake. In short, it surpassed expectations of sales and along the way there have been suggestions expanding the family with a couple more fly rods. GEAR INSTITUTE RATINGS. One fo the better I have seen on any rod. Hint: [...]. It can single hand spey cast, roll cast with only the leader as your anchor, and even casts JUST the leader without any extra effort. The little rod is tough too. Orvis Superfine Glass Review Date: 11/16/2018. I fished that rod for 34 years before an airline lost it. I'm a fan of blue lining myself and more often than not non-designated waters. 8'6", 4-piece fly rod for 3-wt. I love how they pull of the light and soft touch. Sorry (really) if you thought I called you a pimp. I am not surprised that you this rod. Orvis Superfine Glass 764-3 Fly Rod : 7'6" 4wt : ReelFlyRod. They actually have a little pop to them. 9. Having been a lifelong fan of the original unsanded superfines, I was hoping for a decent rod to come out. I have been fly fishing for 54 years. In my limited time playing with the glass versions at the store I found it to be a little too heavy, a little too soft, and, at 7.5 feet, a little too long. The Orvis SuperFine Touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies to finicky surface feeding fish. I am confident in the 3wt's ability to land the fish I'm trying to land. My thoughts on the 5wt BIIIx were that it would still have the feel to throw the small 18-20s but would handle a double nymph rig better in the wind; and would be a better option if I were to make a trip to one of the larger western trout fishing destinations. No, Jonny is not a dry fly man. can step across. The gold trim HAS TO GO! No. With that comes the realization you will be chasing fingerlings up to 6", 8" and over are trophies! Culturally inclined and well preserved, Asheville is surrounded by majestic mountains, lush national forest lands and scores of fresh water rivers and streams. What It Is. cane rods for the smaller waters. Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod 7' 3wt 3pcs(Full Flex) NEW! My mistake - you said "terrific deal". Here's a review I trust on the 8' version- Underground Review: The Orvis Superfine Touch 8′ 4wt Small Stream Fly Rod – - The Trout ... [...], Great review! Fly fishermen know the Superfine Glass delivers all this and more. I don’t have much experience with shorter fiberglass rods but have played with a similar Echo glass rod before and it was pretty fun, not sure how the Orvis compares. This complete outfit includes the Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod, Orvis Battenkill Reel, Orvis Hydros Superfine WF Fly Line, fiberglass rod tube, and is shipped properly rigged and ready to fish with backing and tapered leader from to breed penis envy), perhaps others thought similarly, who knows. Since I was one of the price posters, here's the reason I made my comments: 1. I was amazed at how it handled a 12-14" brown that I coaxed out of a hole just north of where Bubbs Creek dumps in....granted...flows are incredibly low for this time of year, but I was able to cast quite accurately and with a lovely soft touch out to about 40' was realistic enough that he took without hesitation. I have really been won over by TFO though because of their warranty. Up for bid is a Orvis Superfine 4wt 4pc in 7 foot length. I ended up with the 4 wt glass rod, and now have a slew of glass rods. I use the winston pure 8′ 4wt as my dry fly rod. A sound is a term used for a saltwater lagoon. Boy Oh Boy. I'd prefer it to a nickel silver slide band often found on my bamboo rods. Thanks Tom, I did go with the 8'0" 4wt. Orvis Superfine Glass Review March 31, 2014 . It most certainly DID NOT sound like an industry-standard plug. You'll need a 2wt or 3 wt soon, but a 4 is a good place to start the disease. The perfect length at 7'6" for tight casting and small pools, our glass 3-wt. Lawn casted only. it's a little too strong for really small streams, it will do both. Orvis Superfine 5wt 8'0" Versatile fiberglass design 8' 5-wt. I fish alot of streamers up to size 10-12 biggest and am worried that the superfine will not perform well with the bigger flies. Making a cheaper version of the Superfine and then trying to tell me it is somehow better than the previous version, if you can believe that, is total BS. When the wind dies down a bit I use my Leonard cane, which is a far better rod than the Superfine 5wt. Y'all cut me a break... and TC, too. or Best Offer. When I got the loaner superfine glass 3wt (2 1/4oz) and 5wt (2 3/4oz), I had the Orvis Battenkill III (3.2oz), Orvis Access MA III (4.6oz) and Orvis Access MA IV (5.30z) on them. They are a wonderful anglers compliment when fishing small streams. Asheville Anglers has been in operation since 2003 and will be for many years to come. [...] Chandler, on the Trout Underground, has a nice review of the new Orvis 8' Superfine Touch rod. mi. I still love my cane rods, but the superfine with its four pieces is a more logical choice for backpacking. Most guys would probably have a 9′ 3 or 4wt graphite rod for dries on this stream. That said, they sold the previous Superfine blanks when it was still the current model (they still do), so perhaps when they do show up on the market, thats where they'll be. I buy my rods there because it's a good deal and Craig Mathews puts his money where his mouth is--for real. Most guys would probably have a 9' 3 or 4wt graphite rod for dries on this stream. but it's ok, because i wholeheartedly agree on one point... gold? In other words, this river has a lot to offer. A couple of low-end rods I do like are the 8'9" 4wt Temple Fork Finesse rod. I guess Tom, from now on….just state the price…and your readership can decide if its a good deal for them or not… to not rile the troops, as it were. Choosing the right head to go with your rod is one of the m 7. Versatility. Clearwater and Access lines are 'entry level' and priced to be accessible to the beginning angler. it's not even a blip on my future-used-purchase radar because of that. I have to agree with you on one major negative point as well though. I don't. Chris, So, the way I see it is...if you dont want to pay 500 bones for an outfit...stay out of the Orvis store, and dont bother reading a review on it. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Orvis Superfine Glass Full Flex 7' 6" 3wt 3pc Fly Rod Fiberglass 3 Weight Three at the best online prices at eBay! Tom, With eight feet of line out of the tip and a matching leader, do you prefer the double taper line with this rod or the more prevalent weight forward? I typically am on small streams and have a 9' 6wt for any larger rivers I might hit. As I'm sure some of you here can relate, having two small children does cut into being able to buy rods (the last bamboo rod I bought was 4 years ago). For those unfamiliar, Craig Mathews owns Blue Ribbon Flies and he cofounded. You have my mind working now. I’d love an 8′ 4wt but they all seem to drop to 7’6″ in 4wt. With classic fiberglass action—soft and forgiving— this is the rod for your small–stream adventures. Orvis Clearwater 4wt 11'4" Trout Spey Package, Skagit, Scandi, or Both We've put together the perfect package which requires a little decision making on your part to offer the best possible trout spey outfit to fit your casting style and tactics. He was fishing a creek with a Superfine 1wt. And if I can glean useful information about the gear I buy here while making my fishing plans, isn't THAT reason enough for all of us to check this site 5 or 6 times a day? Superfine Glass: Get ready to change the way you feel. The Orvis Recon 10ft 3wt is the only stick of its kind in the Recon family of rods. line. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. Great line for spring creeks, small water sheds and tight fishing conditions. Orvis will fix it, but offered an upgrade to any Helios rod for $350. Not that you'll have an opportunity to use either in the small stream setting, I was just curious ... Great review Tom. Manchester, Vermont, USA. lloyd: Thanks Tom, I did go with the 8’0? We don’t have any Orvis dealers where I am so no opportunity to test it out. ", guys are oooooooold.......Good morning read and chuckle,though...Jonny is right,however...500 smackers IS a bit much for an affortable rod,but that's the market/price point these days. Fishes like bamboo, but with the weight of carbon. I'm curious--you ever fish with an access rod? I've since cast & fished the 8.5' 3wt, which is a very precise rod, but (not surprisingly) lacks a little of the feel/feedback that makes the 8' 4wt so special. ; ) 5. IMO Orvis has really been producing some ugly rods. In years past I have been a loyal customer of Orvis, but from an aesthetic point of view I think they have been missing the ball pretty frequently ever since they started using gold reel seats on their Trident TL rods and changed the porting and line guard of their CFO reels. 3) 7'6" 6wt. It is a fast action fly rod, but not blistering fast. I guess I know at least one person who broke their Trout Bum, so perhaps improved durability is a good thing, but the new rod is quite ugly in comparison. To me this rod doesn't appear to be overpriced since it's in the. I ordered a spare when they went on closeout. I’m partial to classic styling with rods/reels (I’ve got a Hardy LRH on the Winston) and more sensitive rods like the Winston vs anything super fast. $429.00. Posted: 19 Jan 2017, 05:06 • #7 . That said, does everyone know about the 60% deal at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. I tried the rod just for the heck of it. I’ve got them on both of my glass rods and they look great. Since then I think Orvis' … Being that TC fishes more than I do these days, his perspective on fly rods is a hell of a lot more accurate than mine. Voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine, the Superfine offers the feel, accurate casting, and the classic bend fiberglass fly rods are all about. Has anyone fished the 8'6" 5wt in the series? The reel seat is cork with delicate up-locking hardware and the grip is a half wells. I have to agree with you on one major negative point as well though.

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