I have two goals set for the coming year.

Luckily, neither of the goals was to describe the goals on this blog immediately after the changing of the year!

Never before have I gazed down the barrel of an approaching year and felt any kind of pressure to express who I would like to be if and when I gaze down another approaching barrel.  One thing I know is that sometime in the time that we call 2009, a transformation that has been ongoing for literally several years kicked into high gear and, consequently, I’ve been seeing the world and my interaction with in in a completely new light.

Perhaps it was senility setting in.  Perhaps it was the New Year’s cheer.

For some reason I’ve set goals for 2010.

Today, let me describe goal 1.

My first thought for my first goal of 2010 was this: Learn Spanish.  Now, after thinking through this a little, I quickly realized that I was setting myself up for certain disaster.  It’s simply too broad.  I’m 30 and I haven’t learned all of my own language yet.  I can’t conceivably learn Spanish.

It’s much like the beauty pageant contestant wanting “world peace.”  I’m not qualified to be a beauty pageant contestant.  Therefore, like, I shouldn’t have a goal that sounds, you know, like one, er whatever.

As I began to process through why I even wanted to learn Spanish in the first place. there were a couple of reasons that began to precipitate out of the mix.  I live in a city and state where the spanish-speaking population is increasing each year.  I want to be able to communicate with, work with, and enjoy the company of these new neighbors.  My favorite joint to grab Mexican food (Taqueria Mexico, South Blvd) is one of those “It’s so authentic you almost need to point to the menu” places.  I’m officially a regular there since, during my last trip, the question posed to me was “¿Three tacos?” and not “What would you like?”  I want to communicate with mi familia de Taqueria.

And I have friends in Spain who are trying very hard to learn English.  It’s much the same situation here.  I want to be able to communicate with these friends on a deeper level.

So, after much deliberation, weighing what I actually wanted to do with this language, here’s my first defined goal (maybe of my life, certainly of my 2010)….

By the end of 2010 I want to be able to carry on a basic conversation (about food, the weather, and some current events) in Spanish.

And, hopefully, not have them make fun of my horrible pronunciation!!!

It’s not a profound goal, but it’s a challenging one – especially for someone who’s early childhood education consisted of learning French instead of Spanish.  And I’ve already started the process – between bouncing words off of a few trusted friends and using a free online social system called livemocha.com, I’m out of the gates.

I’ve got six “lessons” complete.

In a few days, I’ll post about goal number 2!