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Prayer Doesn’t Change Anything

“We’ve got to pray just to make it today.” MC Hammer Every major religious tradition includes vast tracts of wisdom on the notion of prayer. Prayer is a mechanism that enables mortals to talk with the gods that created the… Continue Reading →

camping out

It’s 9:44pm on Saturday, May 21, 2011.  I’m still here.  Planes are not falling out of the sky.  There was no trumpet blast.  Jesus isn’t riding on a white stallion or waiting in the air to resurrect the dead according… Continue Reading →


Jesus as a philosopher is wonderful: there is no greater role-model in my mind than Jesus Christ. It’s just a shame that most of the people who follow Him and call themselves Christians act nothing like him.Bill Maher :: O’Reilly… Continue Reading →


Surrounded by a universe filled with wonder, it’s incredibly short-sighted to opt for knowledge.


If you’ve read some of the posts here, you’d probably call me a heretic. This may be partially because I’m not always clear in my presentations – sometimes passion gets the better of me and I hurry to get ideas… Continue Reading →

there is no why

A couple of weeks ago, as is my ritual most Sunday mornings, I rolled out of bed and wandered off to

think really big

How can we who say that we’re children of God be so off base? How could we have so clearly missed the point?


I see the young girl huddled on the brothel floor I see the man with a passion come in kicking down the door This lyric is from a Sara Groves song – When the Saints.  Every time I hear it,… Continue Reading →


For the past several years now, Kristy and I have not actively given each other gifts at Christmastime. In fact, except for some of the closest children in our lives, we really haven’t given any one gifts at Christmastime. And we’ve never really taken the time to explain this odd behavior.


I can’t say that I’ve been wrestling with prayer – that would be an overstatement. Rather, prayer has always been perplexing to me and continues to be one of my biggest issues and questions. Lately, as others around me have been wrestling with prayer, I’ve been processing through some of the same questions and concerns.

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