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January 2017

The God Who Did Not Give Us Trump

A god who does not intervene will not come to the rescue if we just pray harder. This god won’t choose between a football game and a cancer patient. But such a god much be just the source of energy that we need to continue fighting like hell.

Everything Matters 007: Intimacy is Everything

When you know someone intimately, you understand that they are beautiful, complex human beings. You understand that their responses come from a place that is not entirely contained in their bodies. They have histories and experiences that have formed them. They have circuitry in their brain that respond even faster than they can think.

A Sign from a Child

I also thought about all the things he didn’t say. He didn’t say that she was pretty. He didn’t say that she was too emotional. He didn’t say that she was a member of the second best gender or that she should learn how to keep a house. He didn’t say that he cannot wait until she gets older so that people could objectify her and take advantage of their power over her. He said she was smart.

Everything Matters 006: Speak to Me

But it also does something else which, as it turns out, is one of the most important parts of this whole process. It validates the speaker. That’s a fancy way of saying that the speaker knows that their emotions make sense or that they are not off the wall for feeling the way that they do.

Everything Matters 005: Everything Communicates

When you understand that your partner has their own experience and their own sense of meaning, you start to realize that what you’re intending to communicate may not actually be what’s being heard. What was meant as an innocent joke is the start of a two-day silent treatment. Instead, with this understanding you can adjust what you say and how you say it so that you partner is able to fully hear.

Everything Matters 004: What Happens in Vegas Forms Your Brain

Your experiences change you. On the first pass, that statement may seem to go without saying. It’s a given. You can probably think of some of those milestones right now. Maybe it was graduation day. For some people, it may have been the loss of a loved one. Marriage, the birth of children, retirement: all of these are great examples of milestone moments. These are the kind of moments we point to when we say that something happened and now we are different.

Everything Matters 003: It’s Only Partially About Your Mother

Your relationships matter. The relationships that you have with your caregivers give you a set a expectations about the world that can be long-lasting. It can have an impact on how you experience relationships with your intimate partners later in life and even in the type of person that you’re attracted to!

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