Driving around Charlotte, I have seen dozens and dozens of “Vote No on Amendment One” placards.  A vote supporting amendment one would add to the NC constitution language that says marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that will be recognized in this state.  In other words, same sex marriage will not be recognized as a legal union.  Couples wounded and weary from bad marriages in the past who refuse to marry will not be recognized as anything other than best friends.

Now, it’s important to remember that same-sex marriage (the real target of this proposed amendment) is already illegal here in this state in the land of the free.  Statutes already prevent couples of the same gender from being able to live out their love for one another in peace and prosperity.

This amendment question, instead, sets some legislative wheels turning that will make it much more difficult to reverse a ban in the future.  I assume it’s to protect us “youngs” from debauchery in the future – they know what’s best for us, after all.  By altering the state constitution, it ensures no “activist” judge in the state can suddenly declare the same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional… since the ban will be built into the constitution.

To hell with love people may have for one another.  To hell with personal freedom.  To hell with human decency.  Our representatives are bent on preserving the obviously sacred space that marriage holds in our society. Never mind that divorce rates for “straights” in North Carolina are rising against the downward trend elsewhere in the country.  Even the speaker of the house is predicting any such amendment would be reversed within 20 years.

Sometimes relationships just don’t hold up to the constitutionally-accepted definition of love.

All that to say: 1) everything that I’m reading says that NC residents don’t understand what the proposed amendment actually does (i.e. bans same-sex marriage, and likely all other forms of civil unions pending future judgements) and 2) I don’t see ANY Vote “Yes” on Amendment One placards.

I figure the latter is because it’s explicitly-discriminatory legislative garbage (in my humble opinion) and most people who are going to vote yes on amendment one by secret ballot won’t be happy if their prejudice were to go public.

I figure the former, unfortunately, is because we’re chronically under-informed on so many important topics; this is just another instance.

While it’s tempting to go on here – I won’t….

…except to say in order to protect love and to protect personal freedom, Vote No on Amendment One!