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March 2012

amendment one

Driving around Charlotte, I have seen dozens and dozens of “Vote No on Amendment One” placards.  A vote supporting amendment one would add to the NC constitution language that says marriage between one man and one woman is the only… Continue Reading →

with or without you

Those who know me well have often heard me say, “Oh Geez, I think I’ve got another man crush.” The object of my affection this time around is Scott Harrison, founder of charity:water.  Last week, two of my otherwise separate… Continue Reading →

what’s it worth?

I rarely read fiction. There’s not a particular reason why. Until recently, I always tended towards books about God, or tech, or tech gods.  It’s probably no surprise, then, to find out that the first two books of fiction that… Continue Reading →

People Care

All around the internet, people are trying to figure out how Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video/campaign went viral so quickly – especially since they had so much working against it: The video was 30 minutes long – short videos go… Continue Reading →

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