It would be over-reaching and perhaps insulting to claim that Rob Bell changed my life.

And at the same time as I look back over the past 8 or 9 years I can’t help but admit the stark influence that his teachings have had on me.  When I first heard that a life of faith is more like a trampoline that you invite people too, that has flex and give, than it is a brick wall, I knew that this man had a take on faith that I wanted to explore.

Today, I learned that he is leaving Mars Hill.  I’m sad.  And I’m excited.

For years I’ve downloaded podcasts, I’ve followed his teachings not as a hard-nosed skeptic but as a thoughtful supporter.  I remember being disappointed when Shane Hipps came on staff at Mars Hill because it meant I would get to hear Rob less.  But, if Rob likes him…..

I’m convinced that living graciously is a better way to live.  I believe that living generously is a better way to live.  I believe that a life of faith marked by serious and unanswered questions can be as honoring to God as a life where those questions have been answered without doubt.

To Rob, and Kristin, and the family – your message is revolutionary in that “the way it was always meant to be” kind of way.  Thank you for what you’ve done.  Thank you for whatever is next.