Maybe they ARE already gone.

I don’t want to belabour this rapture fiasco, but maybe it happened it we just absolutely missed it.  Maybe everything happend just as Camping predicted but no one even noticed.

Consider this: Camping said that only two hundred million people were set to be raptured.  That’s less than three percent of the earth’s population.  Some would argue,  “Hardly even a blip.” in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe these Christians were so holy, so far removed from everyday life, that no body will even miss them.  Maybe they had such little effect on the trajectory of human kind that when Jesus swept them away on Saturday no one even noticed.

I hope that’s not the case.

Maybe the only thing worse than being accused of fundamentalism and intolerance for people who are trying to live like Jesus  is to be proven inconsequential.  If they’re gone and we don’t notice staggering drops in generosity, love, reduction of poverty, and happiness, then what I think God wants and what he must really want are completely off base and it’s just as well that he leaves me behind.

Dear Lord, I hope we don’t let our existence be inconsequential.  And we’ve got to ask.. who are you and I mattering too, right now, right here?  It’s not, if I were gone who would miss me…. it’s who relies on me, loves me, needs me, wants me, serves me, inspires me now, today, on planet earth.