Seth Godin says that Lynchpins deliver.

The people that are indispensable to organizations, companies, and others have due dates that they meet, materials that they send, ideas that come to fruition.  They have hundreds of ideas and a couple are even viable.

I want so badly to be like this.  I have the idea thing down – that’s not the issue.

But I don’t deliver.  I’m not sure why – perhaps I have too many irons in the fire.  Maybe my niche is too big (that’s what she … never mind).  I just know that I have a lot of ideas that have filled up the back burners on my stove.  It’s blocked back there.

So please hold me accountable.

I need you to keep me focused.  I need you to hold me to setting deliver dates and actually sending some product out the door.

With your help… more to come 🙂