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November 2010


Today I heard this: “Infants are like consumers.” It got me thinking. I’m probably going to make some assumptions here and use lots of faulty logic to make some points.  Please forgive me and read this anyway. Now I recognize… Continue Reading →

go to hell

I wish the church would just go to hell. Into the deepest depths of hell, in fact. Not just the surface level, but down into the white hot flames, the most painful, excruciating places. Where the suffering is intense. Where… Continue Reading →


All around me, people are engaged in pursuits.  Personal ventures.  Journeys. Marathons. Self-discovery. Truth. These are the well-known pursuits.  These are the ones that we have come to expect.  The thirty-something has pride on the line as he dons his… Continue Reading →


God of the worn and tattered All of your people matter Give us more than words to speak ‘Cause we are hearts and arms that reach And Love climbs up and down the human ladder There are three new women… Continue Reading →


I am beginning to capture the essence of the pursuit. Pursuit is not merely chasing something that you’ve longed for. It can be, and it is often rewarding when you reach the end of the journey. Recently, though, I have… Continue Reading →

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