It’s been a while but I need to outline my second major goal for twenty ten.

By the end of this year, I will have outlined and starting working on a book.  The topic is still very much uncertain. How I will convince somebody to actually publish this yet-to-be-conceived work is not even on my radar.

But, by the end of 2010 I will have an “outline” – not just in my head – but on paper – and will have begun the writing process.

This has been on my mind literally for years.  I sat in a leadership session once being led by McNair Wilson and during one of the activities he directed everyone in the room to write down something that they had always wanted to do but was either too afraid, or too uncertain, or too nervous to do.

I wrote (and I still have the notebook to back this up!) “Write a book.”

Other than that, at this point, I don’t have anything to share except that this blog is a part of that process – that sitting and writing – sometimes forcefully so – is critical to the completion of this goal.

So, just one month into this new year, thanks for humoring me and please stick around to see what happens next.