If indeed we are created with any resemblance to our creator, Christmas is the season which should most sway our daily pursuits.  It is at Christmas that we see the first creator to created human touch.

It is love birthed into difficulty and pain for the purpose of making bad things better and life worth living.

It is spirit being wrapped in fleshy desires and needs and constraints to teach us how to live unconfined, unsuppressed, un-bottled-up lives.

It is compassion that wants to wildly replicate, without limit or condition.

It is gentleness from the unheralded manger to the uncontested cross.

It is light that neither exposes the darkness, nor conquers the concealed, nor brightes the shadows; it is light that warms, and glows, and pulses with truth like blood through the wrist; it is light with which darkness simply cannot coexist.

May you live with the same gentleness with which Christ entered and existed the created world.  May your compassion not seek renown, or reward, but may it be ultimately transforming for those that live in its wake.  May your spirit burst from the confines of your body and compel others to live as though there are no shackles or chains that could ever contain this life lived with purpose. May your love bring the promises of a far off heaven to the here-and-now earth. And, may your heart radiate a light so pure and strong and compelling that darkness and shadows are forgotten.

This is the gift.  Not the prospects of escaping a wayward humanity with its pain and suffering and questions.  The gift is faith: the faith, so strong, of a creator for His masterpiece to hold ultimate power in their arms, to plot a new course for humanity, and to truly live the unconstrained life.

Merry Christmas.