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November 2009


We are big fans of cause and effect; of rewards for “right” behavior and punishment for “wrong”. This is intuitive. Our hearts align with these concepts easily. In ideal-land, those who act rightly receive beneficial things, positive energy, hand-over-fist money,… Continue Reading →

will of god

In the mix of well-intended teachings, traditional churches lean towards if not outright teach some convenient “facts” that simply aren’t true. As an example (in fairness, painted with a large sweeping stroke), issues of “right” and “wrong” or “black” and “white”. There is no grey in the utopian world of the 20-21st century church. Nothing about my own experience with Jesus or reading through the Bible leads me to believe for a moment that this is true.


One of the tragic losses from the modern era has been the loss of unabashed awe. During this time in history, we see a dramatic surge in knowledge from the various facets of science. The capabilities that we possess as the human race now to produce, create, repair, heal, and discover are incredible and directly attributable to the precision and determination with which we have been able to work in relatively recent years.


I can’t say that I’ve been wrestling with prayer – that would be an overstatement. Rather, prayer has always been perplexing to me and continues to be one of my biggest issues and questions. Lately, as others around me have been wrestling with prayer, I’ve been processing through some of the same questions and concerns.

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