Restoration makes me cry.  In all it’s forms.

Airport reunions.  Disaster relief.  Poverty being annihilated. Even chick flicks.

And I’m non-discriminatory…

I’ll shed a tear at the end of Con-Air and Army Wives alike.

I’m a mess.

But I have to believe that restoration touches something deep, down in spirit land that sometimes I just can’t access.  It’s also important to note that I have no control over this reaction.  Any time that I see “restoration” happening – when I see things getting back to the way that they were intended – something from inside spills over.

What do I do with this?  I know this is a powerful motivation and inspiration.  The meaning behind all of this has to include that I’ve been put together with this tenderness for a restorative purpose, doesn’t it?  I want to make things better.

… and I can’t wait for football season.  No more tears.